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Elev8 Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing Near Deltona

Are you ready to perfect your axe throwing technique while competing against friends? Do you have a few questions that you want answers to before booking your bay? Here’s everything you need to know about axe throwing near Deltona!

Elev8 Indoor Amusement Park Axe Throwing FAQs

Q: How much does axe throwing cost?

A: The total cost depends on when you come to Elev8 and how long you play. Monday through Thursday, it’s $45 per bay per hour. Friday through Sunday, it’s $50 per bay per hour.

Q: Can anyone throw axes?

A: Because axe throwing involves throwing extremely sharp objects, we only allow guests aged 21 and older to participate for everyone’s safety.

Q: How many people can use a bay?

A: We allow up to four guests per bay. If you have a larger party, you will need to rent several bays to ensure everyone gets the full axe throwing experience.

Q: What type of targets are used?

A: We take axe throwing to the next level. Instead of using the typical beaten up wooden targets, we have an innovative laser projection system. Choose from fun games like moving bullseyes, Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, and others.

Q: What should I wear for axe throwing?

A: Comfort is key when throwing axes. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too loose, as this could hinder your throwing ability. We also recommend closed-toe shoes for all guests and no loose jewelry.

Q: Can I bring my own food or drinks?

A: Throwing axes can definitely work up an appetite. While we don’t allow outside food or drink, you’ll find delicious options at PL8 Bar & Grill.

Choose Elev8 for “Axe-cellent” Axe Throwing Near Deltona

Come put your skills to the test at Elev8! Our unique laser projection system lets you throw your hatchet at various targets while playing familiar games. Unleash your inner lumberjack here at Elev8 today!

Contact us now at 407-777-2876 to learn more about our indoor amusement center in Sanford!

Less Than 20 Minutes From Deltona

Axe Throwing Sanford

What We Offer

  • High-end Lasertron Axe Throwing experience
  • A variety of game modes, including tic-tac-toe, connect 4, moving bullseye and more
  • Ability to play in teams
  • System automatically tracks scoring
  • Player name and photo displayed during their turn
  • Seating and tables to enjoy food and drink between rounds
  • Adrenaline rush from throwing real axes