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Bowling Near Deltona

Bowling is a sport that everyone of all ages and abilities can enjoy. There’s nothing more exciting than watching your ball speed down the lane and knocking down every pin one-by-one. For an amazing bowling experience near Deltona, look no further than Elev8.

Elev8 Indoor Amusement Park Bowling FAQs

Q: How long does it take to bowl?

A: Typically, it takes around 15 minutes for a single person to bowl one game. If you have a group of 2 to 3 people, you can expect it to take 30 to 45 minutes or so. For larger parties, a single game may take over an hour.

Q: How many lanes are available?

A: We have 12 full-size Qubica AMF lanes. Each lane is fitted with a high-tech interactive system that keeps everyone entertained between throws.

Q: Do you offer bumpers and ramps?

A: Yes! We offer bumpers and ramps for younger bowlers or anyone who may need them to improve their bowling experience.

Q: Do I have to wear bowling shoes?

A: Yes. No other footwear is safe when bowling. Bowling shoes have special soles that help you to slide when throwing the ball. They’re also free of dirt and debris, which can cause an unsafe bowling environment. We carry bowling shoe sizes in a large range, including toddler sizes all the way up to adult size 16.

Q: Should I call ahead to rent a lane?

A: Bowling is one of our most popular activities, so lanes are always in use. For this reason, we definitely recommend calling ahead to ensure that there’s a lane available to accommodate your party. Call us at 407-777-2876 to reserve a lane on your preferred date and time.

Choose Elev8 for Exciting Bowling Near Deltona

Grab your friends and family and have an amazing time eating, bowling, and socializing at Elev8. We’re open on weekdays and weekends for an immersive amusement experience, and you can bowl for as little as $5 per person per game, shoes included!

Contact us today to learn more about booking your special event here!

Less Than 20 Minutes From Deltona

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What We Offer

  • 12 full-size Quibica AMF lanes
  • Interactive lanes with a variety of gaming modes
  • A high-tech system to entertain you between throws
  • A variety of balls to fit your throw
  • Bumpers and ramps for younger bowlers
  • Shoes in all sizes