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Mini golf is a great way to spend time with friends or family. Do you want to improve your game while having tons of fun? During your next outing for mini golf near Apopka, follow these simple tips!

Mini Golf Tips for Beginners

Choose the right putter: While many people just grab whatever putter they see first, choosing the right one has a significant impact on your game. Choose a putter that stands about waist level. This ensures a comfortable swing that is level and balanced.

Observe the course: Give yourself an edge by getting a lay of the course. Before you putt, take a few minutes to make note of course details, including any slopes, sharp curves, and other obstacles. If you’re not first to putt, learn from other players’ mistakes.

Use proper form: In mini golf, perfecting your stance is a must. Proper form means keeping your feet shoulder-width apart with a slight bend at the knees. Make sure that your dominant hand is away from the hole, and glance at your target before hitting the ball.

Don’t putt using too much power: Most players complete a hole in a few strokes. It takes a combination of aim and balanced power. While it may be tempting, don’t hit the ball with too much force. Overshooting typically means that the ball exits the course, and you’re left having to take even more strokes.

Take your time: Mini golf should be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the experience, and don’t rush through the course. Calculated movements greatly improve your chance of winning. So, slow down and take it all in!

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