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Mini Golf Tips & Tricks to Play Like a Pro

Mini golf is one of the best ways to engage in some friendly competition with friends or family members. Though the game is extremely fun, it can also get a little challenging when it comes to maneuvering around obstacles and keeping your score as low as possible. Here are some mini golf tips and tricks you want to know before you hit the green.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The more comfortable you are, the better you’ll play! Wear closed-toe shoes, and choose clothing that gives you plenty of range of motion without being too loose or baggy.

Choose the Right Putter

Putter size matters! Many people head to a mini golf center and grab the first putter they see. Ill-fitting equipment is never a good thing. Make sure that the putter you choose is about waist high when it’s touching the ground.

Observe the Course

Mini golf is a game of turns. Instead of wasting time until it’s your turn, take advantage! This is a great time to get a close look at the course so that you know what to expect at each hole. Doing so gives you a huge advantage.

Staying Alert Is One of the Top Mini Golf Tips to Follow

Chances are that you won’t be the only player on the course. Before taking a shot, look around and make sure that you’re swinging safely. You’ll also want to make note of any obstacles that your ball may hit and come up with a game plan to avoid them.

Go for the Gold on the Green at Elev8!

Enjoy mini golf and win the game no matter the weather at Elev8. Our indoor course offers the perfect combination of robotics, sounds, and custom effects for a fun, interactive experience. Come in today, and be sure to fill up at Pl8 Bar & Grill before or after your game!